How you can lock your personal WhatsApp chat


Do your parents or family see your chat? Does anyone see your WhatsApp chat, photo and video? then, you have chosen the right post for knowing because now I wrote about how you can lock your personal chat in WhatsApp.

You need to lock a friend's chatting profile due to your parents or family will not able to see your personal chat.
You hesitate to give you smartphone to your family member, parents and in this case how you can get out of that problem.
We have many kinds of idea and solution about chat locking. Finally, we have collect the best and trend app which solve your daily life problem. You will go far from this type of problem. Let's start and follow our instruction.

Chat locker app

By default, I talk about the above chat lock app which lock your personal chat of WhatsApp. Now you can give the smartphone freely to a friend and live frequently. Because your personal chat is a lock temporary. You just Lock your WhatsApp Chat.

Some more important feature of the Chat Locker App

  • you can lock a separate number profile.
  • lock type pattern, fingerprint and pin.
  • share the locker app from the menu bar.
  • change the pin, fingerprint, pattern.

How you use this app?

If you do not download the application then download below from the download button.
update first after using in WhatsApp. Open the locker app and tap the menu bar. set the password in many types like pin, fingerprint, pattern.

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