Two Easy And Fast Ways To Make Money Online In 2023.

 Hello Friend's In This Article You Can See Easiest And Fasted Way To Earn Money Through Online. In this period many of the people who have no work wants to earn money through online. he find many places to how to earn money but   not give a proper ways to earn money through online.

Many of the students wants to earn money through online ,he wants to self-dependent not depends on parents to small investment like mobile recharge ,enjoy party with friends ,school fee or dream like wants to buy gaming pc.


One of the easiest way to earn money through online with making videos. In Youtube you make any types of video and earn money. If you said me I try many times but not make any money, make many channel but not success in any channels or make many videos but no one can rank. You not get success because you did not follow proper ways.

If you wants to earn money through youtube then follow this steps.

  • First create a fresh or new email.
  • Second create channel with new email.
  • Third name this channel through your category like if you make gaming video then name is (Alone gaming).
  • Write a channel Url or attractive description.
  • Then your channel create success full.
  • Upload 1or2 videos daily related to your category.
  • Do not use copy right video or music.
  • Do not use other channel video make your own video.
  • you can use video or image through non copyright website like pixel.
  • If you use other person videos then give credit in you video or description.
  • Make many shorts video.
If you follow this steps for three months you can earn more than 1000💲 in a months, In INDIAN currency you can earn more then Eighty thousand in a month.


In this application you can make money through shorts videos. In this application you can earn money through copy-past work. If you said me it is possible then how. I replied yes it is possible, If you wants to earn money through Instagram using copy past work then follow this steps.
  • Create a fresh or new Instagram Id.
  • Select name according to your category.
  • Find your category videos on youtube and download it
  • After downloading upload on instagram 
  • Upload 2to4 videos daily according to your category
  • If you follow this steps properly you have find after 2 months you instagram id is monatize.
  • I earn more than 6000 doller in last five months through motivational video.

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